What are Image Maps?

While an audience score reflects audience engagement for an image, and a Vizit score reflects image performance measured against a benchmark, image maps indicate the “why.” 


An image map, also called a heat map, highlights or focuses on specific parts of an image, to indicate a specific type of visual engagement.


Image maps can be applied wherever images are ranked or scored.


There are three categories of image maps: 


Attention Visualization Maps

Attention Map, Focal Points, and Gaze Sequence focus on specific attention-getting elements of an image, independent of audience. 


Content Appeal Maps

Positive Appeal Map and Negative Appeal Map indicate positive or negative engagement areas within an image, from the lens of a specific audience. (Please note: Engagement Map is now called Positive Appeal Map. Opportunity Map is now called Negative Appeal Map.)


Optimization Recommendations

Areas for Optimization Map utilizes the analysis of both areas of positive and negative appeal within your content to determine the specific elements within your content that can be optimized to most significantly improve your Vizit Score and appeal to your audience.


Attention Map (not audience specific) identifies the design elements most likely to first capture the eye. Deep red / orange indicates the strongest attention-getting elements.

Attention dropdown - Attention.png


Focal Points (not audience specific) display the probabilities that attention-mapped areas will get attention. Note that the probabilities may not add up to 100%, since each attention node is analyzed independently.

Attention dropdown - Focal.png



Gaze Sequence (not audience-specific) displays the order in which attention-getting areas will be viewed. The highest-attention area will be viewed first. Gaze sequence helps you understand the importance of placement, size, and boldness of image elements.

Attention dropdown - Gaze.png


Positive Appeal and Negative Appeal Maps (audience-specific) highlight elements or regions of an image that are the most likely (green) and least likely (red) to visually engage the selected audience.

Content Appeal Map - Positive.png


Content Appeal Map - Negative.png


Areas for Optimization Map will highlight specific elements of your assets in purple that can be optimized and changed to help improve your content's audience appeal. 

Optimization Recs - What are Optiimization Recs.png

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