Applying Image Maps

Image maps can be displayed anywhere that project images appear in Vizit. 


When a project is open, or a folder is open, image maps can be applied from the AI Task menu at the top. If images are listed according to audience rank, image maps can provide insight into why some images perform well while others do not. 


Image maps can also be downloaded for one or more images.


Note: Image maps can be seen in list view, but at a much smaller size.

When viewing a project image’s Vizit score, the image map is set to Browse All by default, which displays all image maps in a grid.



You can click any image map to enlarge it, or choose None from the image map menu to display just the image.


When viewing a project image’s benchmark visual trends, the image map can be set at the top. The selected image map is applied to all benchmark images as well. 


While in the visual trend view, clicking a benchmark image enlarges it. Comparing image maps side by side is a good way to explore why a specific benchmark image is outperforming the project image.


When performing a comparison of one or images against one or benchmarks, the image map can be set at the top.


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