Downloading Image Maps

For further exploration into image performance, or for use in presentations, you can download one or more image maps for one or more images in a project or folder.


To get started, open the project or open the folder containing the images you want to explore. If you have assigned tags to images, you can segment your image list to include only images that have one or more tags. If you need engagement, opportunity, or optimization maps, that are audience-dependent, be sure to select the correct audience.

To download image maps for a single image, click the image’s three-dot icon . . .


. . . and choose Download image maps.



To download image maps for multiple images, select them all. You can press Shift to select consecutive images or press Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) to select individual images. Then click the three-dot icon serin the lower right corner . . .07_15.png

 . . . and choose Download image maps.



In the Download Image Maps window, choose the maps you want, and you can download the image itself as well. If you want the Vizit Score, engagement, or opportunity maps, confirm that the correct audience is selected. Then click Download.


The download is generated as a zip file in JPG format. Each image is labeled with its image map type and audience where relevant.


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