What is Audience Scoring?

Every image added to a project or folder is automatically assigned an audience score for every audience defined for the project. This score reflects predicted audience engagement for the image.


Displaying images in order of audience rank is a good way to get an initial read on high-level trends within a set of images, and provides a head start in evaluating content for new projects. 


Audience ranking helps you identify broad trends and can provide insights into questions such as:

  • Are there any obvious trends around color? Shapes? Texture? 
  • Are the top-ranked images text-heavy or more design-centric?
  • Are there differences in the size, orientation, color, and style of text? 
  • Are there people in the top-ranked images? Are they cropped out or close-up? Full view?
  • Are there certain elements or subject matter that consistently appear in the top or bottom images?


You can also apply image maps for additional levels of detail. And you can download a spreadsheet that lists audience scores for images within a project or folder.

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