User Interface Tour

When you sign into your Vizit account, you start in your workspace dashboard.

Within the user interface, there are several elements that can always be accessed, no matter where you are in the system.

Along the top of your workspace are four clickable features, Projects, Benchmarks, Audiences, and Monitoring. There is a dropdown selection to navigate among  workspaces in the top right corner.

Clicking on the Global Search at the top right enables you to open a list of all assets (images), folders, benchmarks, and projects within that workspace. 

Entering characters in the search bar produces a list of all projects, benchmarks, folders, and images that contain those characters. 

When looking across all images from the global search results, you can apply an audience lens filter, a tag filter and also compare multiple assets side-by-side to evaluate assets across projects or folders within your workspace. Attention, Focal Point and Gaze sequence maps can also be overlaid in this view. 

Along the top right of the workspace, you can select the Question Mark to prompt the Vizit Resources. 

Clicking the Vizit Resources icon opens a menu with links to an introductory video to Vizit, a link to our Help Center, and a link to Contact Support.

Along the top right of your workspace, you can select Settings Feature in the corner.

Depending on your user role, clicking your initials opens a menu with links to Tag Manager, View team members, Invite team members, Workspace Settings, and logout. 

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