Workspace Dashboard

From anywhere within the Vizit system, you can return to your workspace dashboard by clicking the Vizit logo at the top left.

At the top of the dashboard is your list of recent projects. Hovering over the Total Projects bar displays options to view all projects, or create a new project. Clicking the Total Projects header, or the total number of projects, also opens the projects list.

Below projects are total assets: all images added to all projects. Hovering over the Total Assets bar displays an option to view all assets. To the right of the most recently scored asset are lists of highest and lowest scoring assets, according to the selected audience.


At the bottom of the dashboard is the list of your recently created benchmarks. Hovering over the Total Benchmarks bar displays options to view all benchmarks, or create a new benchmark. Any benchmark that contains less than 30 images will be listed as a draft, along with the number of additional assets needed for the benchmark to reach 30. The reason for draft status is that a benchmark with less than 30 images cannot be used to generate Vizit scores.


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