Finding and Downloading Images

There are two types of images you’ll be using in Vizit: project images and benchmark images. 

  • Project images are typically owned content that come from your marketing or graphic design departments. You can also download project images from retailer or company websites, for example, if you want to compare scores of your images to those of competitors. 

  • Benchmark images are generally found on retailer or company websites, or by running a Google Image search. Vizit also provides a Benchmark Generation Tool for automatic scraping of retailer sites for benchmark images.

Note: Be sure to read our image uploading guidelines.

For manual download, right-clicking on a website image opens a menu that includes an option to save the image. The exact options depend on your browser.


When downloading images, avoid small “thumbnail” images - try and get the highest resolution available. When uploading images into a project or benchmark, the system will reduce file size as needed to ensure smooth upload.

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