Benchmark Generation Tool

Benchmark images can be found and downloaded manually, but Vizit also provides a tool that automatically scrapes a specific set of images from retailer sites. The images are separated into categories of hero, carousel, and (when relevant) text-heavy, and are emailed to you as links to separate ZIP files.


The Benchmark Generation Tool link can be found at the top of your benchmarks list, or at the top of any benchmark page.


The process is broken into four easy steps:

  • Step 1: select your retailer, such as Amazon or Walmart.

  • Step 2: Select the benchmark type, or type of image search. For all retailers you can choose to locate images by search term, and for Amazon there is also an option to search in one of Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller categories.



  • Step 3: If you use a search term, be sure to enter the term exactly as you would on the retail site, such as "organic dog food." A link is provided so that you can test your search term on Amazon. We highly recommend testing your term first, to ensure that your search provides the results you're looking for. 



If you want images from one of Amazon's best-seller categories, you'll need the enter the actual Amazon URL for that category. A link is provided to open the list of categories.




On Amazon, browse to the category or sub-category you want, such as "Fragrance" within "Beauty & Personal Care." Then copy the URL from the browser bar, and paste it in the Vizit benchmark tool.



  • Step 4: Enter the email address where the search results should be sent.



When the image scraping is complete, you will receive an email containing separate download links for hero images and carousel images. If the search results include text-heavy images, those will be included as well in a separate link. Amazon searches will also provide A plus images.



Before adding these images to a benchmark, follow these guidelines:

  • Download and unzip the hero and carousel ZIP files into separate folders on your computer. It is crucial to keep these separated for accurate benchmark scoring. Note that the carousel ZIP is divided into multiple batches of up to 100 images because only 100 images can be uploaded at a time in Vizit.
  • Text-heavy images are separated into their own file because we generally recommend avoiding this type of image (for example, images with nutrition or ingredient labels). 
  • Create two separate benchmarks in Vizit, for hero and carousel images (for example, "Organic Dog Food - Hero" and "Organic Dog Food - Carousel").
  • Upload each set of scraped images into the relevant benchmark.
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