Copying Project or Benchmark Images into One or More Benchmarks

Images can be uploaded into a benchmark, but you can also copy images into a benchmark that are already in your system. These can be images that were added to a project, or added to another benchmark. This saves you upload time.


Open the project or open the folder, or open the benchmark, that contains the images you want to copy.


To copy a single image, hover over it and click its three-dot icon . . .



. . . and choose Add to benchmark.



To copy one or more images, select them at once. You can press Shift to select consecutive images, or press Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) to select individual images. Then click the three-dot icon in the lower right corner . . . 




. . . and choose Add to benchmark.




In the Add to Benchmark window, select one or benchmarks into which you want to copy the selected images, and click the Add button.





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