Creating a New Benchmark

There are two ways to create a new benchmark. First, be sure you are in the correct workspace

  • From your workspace dashboard, scroll down to the list of recent benchmarks. Hover over the Total Benchmarks bar, and click Create New.

. . . then click Create new benchmark at the top of the page.

In the New benchmark window, assign the benchmark a unique and informative name. The description field is where you can add details on benchmark content. 



Your description can include:

  • Image type (hero, competitive, carousel, all in category)
  • Brands or categories (owned, category subset) 
  • Source (Target, Amazon, DTC website, Instagram)
  • Who created the benchmark
  • Date created/edited

Click Create, and the benchmark appears on the Benchmarks page, with a warning icon indicating that the benchmark has no images. A minimum of 30 images is needed for a benchmark to be used for generating scores.



The next step is to add images to the benchmark.

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