Adding Images to a Benchmark

Note: You can download benchmark images manually, and/or use our Benchmark Generation Tool to automatically scrape images from retailer sites. Before uploading any images, be sure to view our image upload guidelines


Images you add to a benchmark will be compared to one another, then used as a measuring stick for generating a project image's Vizit score. Benchmark images should be “apples to apples” - similar in type to one another. 


A minimum of 30 images is required, and for accurate scoring, we recommend at least 50. A benchmark with fewer than 30 images will be considered a draft benchmark, and cannot be added to a project and used to generate Vizit scores. Be sure to follow our benchmark image guidelines about image quantity, quality, and type.


Benchmark images can be uploaded from your computer as described here. You can also copy images already added to a project or benchmark into one or benchmarks.


There are four ways to upload images to a benchmark:

  • With your benchmarks list open, click the name of the benchmark you want. On the preview that opens on the right, click Add assets.04_21.png

Clicking Add assets opens your file browser, where you can select the images to upload.

  • You can also drag and drop one or more selected images from a folder in your computer, directly into the benchmark. The popup at the bottom of the window lets you know where the images will be placed.04_23.png
  • Lastly, if you are looking to upload thousands of assets you can use our bulk upload functionality.

Once uploaded, the images will appear when you open the benchmark, and you can configure image display and order.

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