Deleting Images from a Benchmark

To keep your benchmarks up to date and relevant, our guidelines include recommendations to remove old assets, duplicates, and low-quality images. 


Start by opening the benchmark. Sorting by reverse date order can be helpful when you want to remove older images.


In grid view, to remove a single image, click its three-dot icon . . .04_29.png

. . . and choose Delete asset.04_30.png

To delete multiple images, you can use Shift to select a consecutive set of images, or use Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) to select individual images. Then click the three-dot icon in the lower right corner . . . 04_31.png


. . . and choose Delete assets.



For images displayed in list view, use the checkboxes to select the images to delete. The three-dot icon for a single image, or for multiple selected images, works the same way as for images in grid view.



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