Editing or Deleting a Benchmark

There are several ways to edit or delete a benchmark. 


Note that editing means changing the benchmark name or description, not adding images or deleting images.


There are three ways to edit benchmark details. 

  • Start in your benchmarks list, click the benchmark’s three-dot icon, and choose Edit benchmark04_34.png
  • Or from your benchmarks list, click a benchmark to open its preview on the right. Click the three-dot icon in the preview, and choose Edit benchmark04_35.png

Choosing Edit details opens the Edit benchmark window, where you can edit the benchmark name or description.


To delete a benchmark, click its three-dot icon, either in the list or preview, and choose Delete benchmark category.



If you delete a benchmark, you’ll need to confirm. Keep in mind that deleting a benchmark also deletes its images as well as any scores measured by the benchmark. If a deleted benchmark contains images that are also included in other benchmarks, those images will remain in their benchmarks.


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