Benchmarks List and Opening a Benchmark

There are several ways to access your benchmarks list, and preview or open a benchmark.


Recent benchmarks are listed at the bottom of your workspace dashboard. You can click a benchmark name to open it, or to see the full benchmarks list, hover over the Total Benchmarks bar and click View all. You can also click the Total Benchmarks header, or the total number of benchmarks.


Note: Any benchmark that contains fewer than 30 images will be listed as a draft, along with the number of additional assets needed for the benchmark to reach 30. The reason for draft status is that a benchmark with fewer than 30 images cannot be added to a project to generate Vizit scores.


From any Vizit page, you can open the benchmarks list by clicking the Benchmarks feature at the top of your Workspace dashboard


Clicking a benchmark name displays a preview on the right, where you can click Browse assets to open the benchmark. Clicking a benchmark name again closes the preview. 



Another way to open the benchmark is to double-click its name in the benchmarks list. 


In the benchmarks list, each benchmark has a three-dot icon to the right. Clicking this icon opens a menu with options to edit the benchmark, open it in a new tab, add it to a project, or delete.


There are also two ways to find and open a specific benchmark:

  • Use the search bar by selecting the search button in the top right corner of the Workspace dashboard. Enter in your search term, and select the benchmark from the drop-down to open it.
  • Or open your benchmark list and use the search field at the top.


Once a benchmark is open, you can:

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