Viewing Benchmark Visual Trends

Beyond insights for your individual image, or the images in a project folder, you can take a deeper dive into exactly how the project image compares to the benchmark images to understand what images are the best of, or the worst of the benchmark. 


This visual trend analysis is helpful for identifying the themes and image components that engage, or don’t engage, your target audience.


There are two ways to access Benchmark Visual Trends.


Option 1:

Within a project image's scorecard, there is a button just below the image's Vizit score, click Explore benchmark visual trends.



Option 2: 

Within a project folder, select any image and then click Explore benchmark visual trends at the bottom of the page to open up this tool.



Either option you choose will open a side-by-side comparison, with the project image on the left, and either higher or lower scoring benchmark images on the right, depending on the option you select at the top right. The current audience and benchmark are listed across the top.



Clicking a benchmark image thumbnail displays the entire image, making individual side-by-side comparison easier.



To return to benchmark thumbnails, hover over the enlarged benchmark image and click the X icon that appears in the top right corner.


You can also switch from the project image on the left to display lower scoring benchmark images. This helps you determine any components or themes common to high and low performing images.



In addition to viewing the images themselves, you can apply one of the image maps, such as Attention Map, for more specific comparisons.



Changing the audience and/or benchmark will update all scores and rankings.



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