Downloading Vizit Scores for Project Images

You can download a spreadsheet file that lists Vizit scores (benchmark scores) for all images within a project or folder. This file also lists audience raw scores.


Open the project or open the folder that contains the images, and choose the audience for which you want to see scores. 



Click the three-dot icon next to the project or folder name, and choose Download CSV.



In the Download CSV window, confirm the audience, and choose one or more benchmarks. Then click Download.



Within minutes, your CSV will be available to download from the email that is sent to you from Within the email, click on the "Download" button. This will bring you back to your browser and the download will be available at the bottom of your browser screen.



In the spreadsheet, the first set of scores are the audience raw scores for the selected audience. To the right are Vizit scores for each selected benchmark, shown below highlighted in yellow and green. 



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