What is a Project?

A project is a collection of images gathered together to answer a specific business question.



These business questions could be:

  • How does our new package design compare to our existing design?
  • Does our carousel content stand out against key competitors?
  • How should we position the product with respect to the hero shot for a specific retailer?


Note that each project is unique to one workspace


A project is a top-level collection of images. Within projects, you can further organize images by placing them in folders and assigning tags


How you set up projects depends on your organization and goals. We recommend that you consider how content is organized internally within your company, and build projects that reflect that organization. 


For example, you can create projects that contain content according to: 

  • Retailers (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy)
  • Brand (General Mills, Mars, Tyson, Harley-Davidson)
  • Product category (women’s sneakers, women’s boots)
  • Internal department (social, creative team, e-commerce)
  • Competitors
  • SKU level
  • Color

The many insights to be gained from a set of project images include: 


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