Projects List and Opening a Project

There are several ways to access your projects list and open projects.


Recent projects are listed at the top of your workspace dashboard. Click a project thumbnail to open it.


There are two ways to open your entire list of projects:

  • At the top of your workspace dashboard, hover over the Total Projects bar and click View All. Or you can click the Total Projects header or the number of projects.


  • Or, from any Vizit page, click the Projects feature button at the top of the page.

Once your project list is open, click a project to open it.


Or, to open a project in a separate tab, click its three-dot icon in the lower right corner . . . 



and choose Open in new tab.


There are also two ways to find and open a specific project:

  • Select the search button at the top right corner, use your keyword search, and select the project from the drop-down to open it.


  • Or open your project list and use the search field at the top left. Double-click the project thumbnail to open it.

Once your project is open, you can:

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