Creating and Opening Project Folders

Folders and sub-folders can be added to a project, to segment the images contained within the project. For example, if your project contains images of a pet food brand, you could create separate folders for dog food and cat food. And within those folders, you could create sub-folders for different product lines of dog and cat food. 


Note: Tags are another way to segment project images, by assigning terms or keywords.


To add a folder to a project, start by opening the project. Then you can use the New folder link within the folders drawer, or click the New button at the top right and choose Folder.



In the New folder window, the project is listed at the top. Assign a folder name and click Create


Folders will be listed within the drawer that opens on the left hand side of your project and will show you any of the folders that exist within that project.


To open a folder, double-click the folder name. Or, to open a folder in a separate tab, click the folder’s three-dot icon . . . 



. . . then choose Open in new tab.


When a folder is open, you can add images, or add sub-folders. 



To add assets and analyze assets in the opened folder, close the folder drawer by clicking "collapse folders" to close the drawer and work with the assets in your folder. Assets can be uploaded by dragging and dropping into the opened folder once the drawer is closed.



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