Adding Images to a Project or Folder

Note: Before uploading any images, be sure to view our image upload guidelines.


Images you upload into a project or a folder are those you are looking to analyze, compare, and score. Project images can vary in design and intent, but include products, lifestyle, renders, pack designs, new concepts, agency creative, creating assets, and more.


A set of project or folder images can be used for audience ranking, benchmark scoring (Vizit scores), comparing scores, or image map analysis.


Note: Project images are different from benchmark images, which are the images used to compare and measure project images.


When considering what project images to upload, you should avoid low-resolution or blurry images, or text-heavy images such as nutrition or ingredient labels.


If your project has folders, you can upload images directly into folders as described here, or you can move uploaded project images into folders.


There are four ways to add images to a project or folder.

  1. With the folder drawer open, click the Upload assets button at the bottom right corner of the folder drawer.
  2. With the folder drawer either open or closed, click on the top right button Upload assets 
  3. With the folder drawer closed, drag images from your desktop or another location and drop the images into the project folder
  4. Use our SFTP-based bulk upload process


In the Upload assets window, you can drag and drop images from your computer, or use the browse link to find the image folder on your computer. You can also assign tags to all uploaded images.



  • With the folder drawer open, you can also drag and drop one or more selected images from a folder on your computer, directly into the project itself or into a project folder. The popup at the bottom of the window lets you know where the images will be placed


Once uploaded, the images will appear in the project or folder, in grid view by default. Any images with a very large file will be compressed to ensure efficient upload.


Once you have a set of project or folder images, you can:

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