Project Image Display and Order

When images are added into a project or folder, they are displayed by default in grid view.


You can sort images by audience rank, date, name, or file size, and reverse the order by clicking the vertical arrow. Image thumbnail size can be adjusted with the slider at the lower left corner.


In grid view, you can select images one at a time, use Shift to select a consecutive set of images, or use Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) to select individual images.


Each image has a three-dot icon . . .



. . . which opens a menu with options for that image only, to open in a new tab, move to a folder or other project, compare, edit tags, add to a benchmark, download image maps, or delete.


When one or more images are selected in a grid, there are options along the lower left to select visible images or deselect all, and on the lower right are options to compare, edit tags, as well as a three-dot icon. 


Note: The Select visible option selects only images that loaded on the page. So if you want to select all images, be sure to scroll to the end of the page so that all are visible.


Clicking the three-dot icon in the lower right corner opens a menu with similar options: open in a new tab (available if a single image is selected), move to a folder or other project, add to a benchmark, download image maps, and delete.


You can also switch image display to list view, with the same sorting capability, in which each image has a selection box. This makes it easier to select images by name.


The three-dot icon for individual images, and for all selected images, are the same as for images displayed in grid view.


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