Segmenting Project or Folder Images by Tags

To filter the project image list to show only images with specific tags, start by opening the project or opening the folder containing the images to segment.


If you want to see tags, be sure to enable Show Tags from the Filter by tags dropdown. (Segmenting still works if tags are hidden.)


Select a tag from the Tags drop-down along the top. Active tags are listed at the top, and you can remove a tag by clicking its X icon, or click Clear Filters to remove all tags. 

You can apply multiple tags for granular segmenting. The images displayed are those that have all of the selected tags. In this example, this includes all images tagged with “lifestyle” AND it's ASIN, “B0BSLVQG9N."


Your tag-segmented image list can be used for audience ranking, benchmark scoring (Vizit scores), scoring comparisons, or image map analysis.

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