Renaming, Deleting, or Moving a Folder

There are two ways to rename, move, or delete a project folder:

  • Open the project that contains the folder, make sure the folder drawer is open and then click the folder’s three-dot icon.



This opens a menu with options to rename, move, or delete the folder.


  • Or open the folder, and click the three-dot icon next to the folder name. This opens a menu that also has rename and delete options. 



The Rename folder option enables you to assign a new folder name, and with the Move folder option you can move the folder to a different project or folder. 


If you delete a folder, you’ll need to confirm. Keep in mind that deleting a folder also deletes the images in the folder, as well as any scoring data. Any folder images that have also been copied to benchmarks will remain in those benchmarks.



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