What is an Audience?

An audience, also called an audience lens or AI lens, is an artificial intelligence simulation of a specific type of customer or consumer group. In other words, an audience represents a type of person who views your images. 


You can view your audiences and see what is available to purchase by clicking the Audience feature at the top of your page.


As part of your account onboarding, Vizit works with you to customize and build your audiences based on your goals. We model audiences using a wide variety of segmentations, including demographics and attitudinal / psychological data, to ensure we’re truly modeling the preferences of those who matter most to you. After we model and train each audience, we add them into your environment, where each audience is available for you to test any and all content uploaded in your workspace.


Audiences can be broad or granular, depending on your needs. For example, a pet food audience may include:

  • Dry Dog Food shoppers
  • Cat Treat shoppers
  • Dry Cat Food shoppers

For more targeted results, audiences can be broken down further into more granular groups:

  • Millennial women who live in the Northeast and shop on Chewy.com
  • Pet Owners who make over $100k
  • DIY home renovators that own at least one dog


  • Dads of two kids who live in Brazil and have cats
  • 30-45 year olds who drink wine twice a week, enjoy yoga and own a reptile 
  • Motorcycle riders in France who are also bird enthusiasts


Once your audiences are established, you use them for benchmark scoring and image map analyses of your project images. 

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