Vizit v2.0



A workspace is essentially a sub-account within your overall Vizit account that can be used by specific teams, external agencies, or divisions within your organization.

  • Give your organization greater control over who has access to specific audiences, benchmarks and projects.
  • If you are in more than one workspace, you'll find the workspace switcher in the top left corner of the navbar.



Workspace User Roles

Workspace user roles give you control over which actions each user should be able to do in a particular workspace.

  • A workspace Admin can invite new users, remove users, and edit user roles for this workspace.  Admins can also access the Tag Manager page in Settings in order to delete tags from the whole workspace.
  • A workspace Contributor can create, edit, and delete anything in that workspace.
  • A workspace Viewer can view, compare, and download anything in that workspace, but cannot make any changes.



  • Your dashboard is more organized and easier to navigate, letting you jump back into recent projects, benchmarks, and assets faster.

  • There's also more insights - select an audience to see the top 5 and bottom 5 scoring assets from your workspace.


Projects Refresh

We updated the look and feel of the projects page and the project details page, so it's now easier than ever to organize and analyze assets in your projects.

Projects Page


  • Project card size has been drastically reduced to fit more projects in your browser window.
  • Project cards now display the total number of assets, benchmarks, and audiences in each project.
  • You can search within the Projects Page to find a specific project.

Projects Details Page


  • Breadcrumb size has been reduced and you can now edit your current directory (project or folder) by using the action menu next to the active breadcrumb path:


  • Project filters have been moved to the top of the project page to better align with scorecard and compare filters.
  • When comparing assets, scroll horizontally to more easily move between assets.

Uploading & Moving Assets

  • Drag and drop hints have been added to more clearly communicate where you are moving or uploading an asset/folder.
  • New upload widget introduced. You can monitor the status of your uploads from a single location and view individual asset locations and action on failed uploads.



  • You can now toggle the visibility of tags on assets by using the toggle in the top right corner of the project page.


  • Assign tags to assets during upload, then show and filter by tags to compare different sets of assets.


Bulk download Image Maps

  • You can now bulk download image maps. Select multiple assets as you normally would and click the "download image maps" option in the action bar. 



  • Looking to quickly download benchmark images? Our new Benchmark Generation Tool can send you hundreds of benchmark images directly from Amazon or Walmart. Access to this tool is limited to the Admin and Contributor roles. 


Other Notable Improvements

  • On the benchmark details page, you can now move and download benchmark assets.
  • On the search results page for assets, you can now show and download image maps, and switch to list view to see and quickly navigate to asset locations.
  • On the scorecard page, visual trends now shows you the highest and lowest scoring images in the benchmark.
  • Improved help center and tutorials make it easier to learn what's new, navigate tips for using the platform, and leave feedback.
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