Vizit v3.0.0



Download image maps with Vizit Score for multiple assets

You can now download image maps with Vizit Scores for multiple assets at a time via the Project Details page. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Multi-select assets in a project/folder.
  2. Click “download image maps” in the footer.
  3. When the modal pops up, make sure you have “include Vizit Score” selected, along with any maps you want included in your download.

Open your download, and there are all the maps for the images you’ve downloaded — along with their Vizit Scores.


Image map downloads are no longer separated into folders

We've made it easier to get to your image downloads faster by listing them all in one zip file.

You can now see who created each benchmark

You can see this information in three places:

  1. In the Benchmarks page table:

  2. In the preview drawer on the Benchmarks page:

  3. On the Benchmark itself:

General performance improvements

We've made some optimizations to load your projects and assets faster.


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