Analyze a Monitored Product's Scores

Once you open a Monitor, you will see a gallery of the assets in that product listing, in the order in which they appear on Amazon. Each asset will have a Vizit Score, which contributes to the overall Listing Score of this monitor.

You can view these assets in a grid — which is great for analyzing the visual properties of your assets via the Image Maps. 

Or you can view these assets in a list — which can help quickly identify your top and bottom scoring assets to help focus on the ones that really need your attention.

Change the audience and/or benchmark to see how the assets’ Vizit Scores change, and how the overall Listing Score changes, too.

You can take actions on these assets as you normally can in the Vizit core platform. Select an image to:

  • Download Image Maps: Export the attention and audience maps for the selected assets.
  • Open in New Tab: View an asset’s Scorecard to get a larger view of the asset’s Image Maps and Distinctiveness. You can also double-click an asset to open its Scorecard in the same tab.
  • Explore Visual Trends: View this asset alongside the other assets in the benchmark, along with their scores.

You can also view the products that make up the benchmark that this product is competing against by clicking the Explore Benchmark button.

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