Explore Your Monitored Products

Once you’ve set up monitors, they will all be displayed on the Monitors Listing Page.

This page shows every combination of audience lenses and benchmark for each monitor in this workspace. For example, if you create a one monitor with two audiences and two benchmarks, there will be four rows of monitor scores.

1 Monitor x 2 Audiences x 2 Benchmarks = 4 rows
2 Monitors x 2 Audiences (for each monitor) x 2 Benchmarks (for each monitor) = 8 rows


You can use the search bar to find a particular product or ASIN.

You can use the filters to reduce the number of rows that are displayed. You can filter by brand, audience, benchmark or ASIN.

Single-click any row to open the monitor’s preview drawer. Here, you can find some quick information about the monitor and its assets.

Double-click any row to open the Monitor Details page, where you can learn more about each asset and apply image maps.

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