Vizit v2.2.1



Folders have moved

In order to increase performance and give you even more space to focus on analyzing assets, we have moved folders to a new sidebar.


  • Once you expand the sidebar, you will see your folders (if any exist). If you don't have any folders yet, you will see the option to create one.

  • Standard folder actions such as open in new tab, move, rename, and delete are all still available to you from the folder context menu or by right clicking on the folder. 

  • The drawer will stay open as you navigate from folder to folder, making it easy to jump into nested folders quickly.




Vizit Scores are now available in Projects

We are very excited to announce that we now include Vizit Scores within your Projects.

  • You'll notice the Benchmarks dropdown on the filter bar at the top of the Projects page.

  • Simply select the Benchmark you want to use and Vizit Scores will populate on each of your assets.

  • We hope this makes bulk analyzing a lot faster!




CSV reports now arrive via email

  • Instead of waiting for the report to process, you will now receive an email when your report is ready. 

  • You can freely work while the report is processing in the background. 

  • This new delivery method also decreases the report generation time significantly. 




Global Search has new filters

  • When searching for assets globally or just browsing all assets, you can now apply Audience Lenses, Image Maps, and Tag Filters to the results.

  • This allows you to analyze assets living in any Project in one place. For example, you may want to see how all your assets with the "Yellow" tag are performing against a specific Audience. 
  • You can also open assets from different projects in the Compare Page. Apply Benchmarks to them for even deeper insights.



Benchmarks have new filters

  • You can now apply Audience and Image Map filters to Benchmark assets.

  • This should make it much easier to analyze a Benchmark on its own.


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